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Name:Corrosion inhibitor LAN-826

Commodity : Corrosion inhibitor LAN-826  

This product has won the third-class Invention Award of the People's Republic of China, and has been listed as a key promotion project by the State Science and Technology Commission.

Uses: For nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, hydrofluoric acid, citric acid, aminosulfonic acid, oxalic acid.

Acids such as tartaric acid, carboxyl acetic acid, EDTA and 16 kinds of inorganic acids, organic acids and their mixed acids.

Wash and remove metals such as carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other materials in acid pickling.

Calcium carbonate type, iron oxide type, calcium sulfate type, mixed type and siliceous type on the surface of the composite parts.

All types of dirt play a role of corrosion inhibition.

Appearance: pale yellow or brown red transparent liquid.

PH: greater than 8;

Density: (20 C), g/cm3:1.06 ~ 1.08;

Flammability: otherwise;

Main ingredients: organic nitrogen compounds.

Characteristics: it is the world's most liquid acid pickling inhibitor with the most acid types and the most widely used liquid.

It is suitable for various organic acids, inorganic acids and mixed acids.

Under common conditions, the corrosion rate of metals is not greater than 0.97 mm / year.

It inhibits the ability of steel to absorb hydrogen during pickling and inhibits the ability of Fe3+ to accelerate corrosion.

Usage: add the metering water and metering products to the mixing tank.

Dosage: 3 per thousand.

Technical indicators:

Project unit index

Corrosion rate of hydrochloric acid (10% 50 g/m2.h) is less than 1.

Nitric acid (10% 40 C) g/m2.h is less than 1.

Hydrofluoric acid (2% 60 C) g/m2.h is less than 0.9.

Citric acid (3% 90 C) g/m2.h is less than 0.5.

Amino sulfonic acid (10% 50 C) g/m2.h is less than 0.9.

EDTA (10% 60 C) g/m2.h is less than 0.5.

Inhibition rate of hydrochloric acid (10% 50 C)% > 98.5

Nitric acid (10% 40 centigrade)% greater than 99

Hydrofluoric acid (2% 60 centigrade)% greater than 99

Citric acid (3% 90 centigrade)% greater than 99

Amino sulfonic acid (10% 50 centigrade)% greater than 99

EDTA (10% 60 centigrade)% greater than 99

Precautions: rain prevention and sunscreen.

Packing 3kg/ plastic barrel, 18kg/ carton.

Shelf life: 2 years

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