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Name:Ammonium sulfite 85% solid

Commodity:Ammonium sulfite

Chemical formula:(NH4)2SO3


Physical property:

Properties: Colorless monoclinic crystalline system.

Relative density: 1.41 (25 C)

Solubility: Soluble in water, its aqueous solution is weak alkaline. It is slightly soluble in alcohol. It is insoluble in acetone and carbon disulfide.

Chemical property:

1. It is easy to oxidize in air. Decomposition at 60-70 C.

2. spray water or use dry powder, carbon dioxide, foam fire extinguishing agent.


a kind of chemicals for special use, and is available in liquid or solid form, Which has been used in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry, papermaking, and other industries. In the papermaking industry, it is mainly used to decompose the lignin in plant fiber in the process of pulping based on non-wood raw materials (such as straw). Generally, the manufacturer determines it production order according to the demand of the customers, and the demand and pricing is closely related to the world chemical industry and economic cycle.


Liquid 30% - 35% mainly for industrial grade

Solid 85% - 90% for Industrial, food and medical grade


IBC tank for liquid

25kg plastic woven bag or kraft bag for solid

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