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Name:Ammonium nitrate porous prills

Commodity: Ammonium nitrate porous prills

Molecular formula: NH4NO3

Molecule Weight: 80

CAS: 6484-52-2


Hazardous class:5.1

Commodity: Ammonium nitrate porous prills

1.Production of granular porous ammonium nitrate for industrial use and agricultural granular ammonium nitrate. Products with low moisture content, not easy to cake; high compressive strength, not easy to break; high oil absorption rate. Ammonium nitrate content is more than 99%, the appearance is white granular crystals, no impurities visible to the naked eye.

2. Purpose:

Explosive material: granular ammonium oil explosive is made by mixing porous ammonium nitrate with raw oil. Its speed can reach more than 3 200 m/s. This explosive has strong explosive power, safe and reliable use, low price, cost saving, and can usually reduce the cost by 20%-40%. At present, this kind of explosive has been widely used in mining, construction, railway and highway construction, agricultural and water conservancy construction and national defense and other fields.

3. Product specifications:


Appearance white granule

Particle size 0.5-2.5mm

NH4NO3 >99.5%

N >34%

Oil absorption > 8%

Moisture < 0.2%

PH >4

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