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Lianyungang HuaiHua International Trade CO.,LTD. is a Global Chemical Trading company which is located in Jiangsu, China.We are specialized in supplying chemical materials for chemical enterprises , food processing plants and foreign governments such as  Unilever ,LG chemicals, Saudi Arabian Oil Co,EgyptAlum ,MAGIC COOK ,CEEC etc.

Our main products are Salt , Salt Chemicals and Fine Chemicals. We have deep coopreation with China Salt Group which is leading and only central enterprise in salt industry, Asia's largest salt enterprise and important domestic chemical enterprise, and China's top 500 enterprises. The annual output of China salt is 15 million tons, accounting for 18% of the national output; the output of table salt is 2.8 million tons, accounting for 30% of the national output. A national salt production layout with well and mineral salt as the main part and sea and lake salt as the supplement has been formed. Annual sales of salt 1.6 million tons, covering 420 million people, 36% of the land area. Salt chemical industry has formed a series of products including inorganic chemical industry, agricultural chemical industry, fine chemical industry and daily chemical industry.

Our Company Business Philosophy:Treat people with sincerity, Establish enterprises with faith.

Tel: 0086-518-85858200 Fax: 0086-518-85858211
Add: No.68 East Hailian Road ,Lianyungang City,Jiangsu Province,China Email:
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